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Xenophobia against Asian Americans

Xenophobia and racism have long existed throughout human society, but in recent years the increasing documentation of these instances has propelled civil rights issues into the spotlight. Today, I would like to focus this spotlight on the recent deluge of hate crimes against Asian American individuals in the US. While people of Asian decent have…

Dance For All

Dance showcases the uniqueness and capabilities of individuals and can provide opportunities for growth and leadership. However, dance lessons are not readily accessible and available for many populations, especially minorities or underprivileged people. Additionally, many dance education curriculums are not diverse and center on only certain styles of dance, rather than styles from around the…

Vaccine Imperialism

Equitable global access to Covid-19 vaccines is a growing issue, with certain countries projected to not receive the vaccine until 2023. Although the progression of research surrounding Covid-19 has been remarkable, the certain biases regarding manufacturing, purchasing, and distributing Covid-19 vaccines have shown detrimental to global needs. According to data, there are substantial concentrations of…