Why is Anthropology Important?

Anthropology is integral in understanding the world and can be utilized to promote social justice and reveal what causes injustices and divisions in society. By studying cultural patterns, anthropologists are able to use knowledge of past behaviors to have a better understanding of the beauty of humanity. Anthropology can be applied in countless fields including research, medical, law enforcement, sociology, psychology, and more. Anthropology can be used to resolve issues in education, health, environment, economy, and government. Anthropologists are crucial in addressing human rights issues, world health crises, and gender inequality. In fact, many anthropologists work with organizations such as the World Health Organization, World Bank, and Government Agencies to address social and cultural issues. They provide reasoning behind how people interact and think and use this information to instigate positive change. They examine past information and use it to understand how people think and act and to confront global issues. Furthermore, studying anthropology, specifically cultural anthropology, aids in cultural relativism and promotes understanding of behavioral patterns and practices around the world. To solve world problems, it is necessary to view life and cultures from different perspectives to better understand issues around the world.

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