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Hi! I’m Blair Bath and I am a high school student from Houston, Texas. I began this blog to share my love for cultural anthropology and to have a creative outlet to explore different aspects of what makes us human. I discovered anthropology kind of by accident. I knew what it was, but I never really considered it to be that important to my life. Then one day, I was evaluating my passions and interests and I discovered they all revolved around an interest in culture and humanity. For example, I enjoy dancing, reading, cooking, and listening to music. My favorite subjects in school are History and Spanish. I love traveling and immersing myself in new cultures. I enjoy learning Spanish and have participated in immersion programs that have heightened my appreciation for Latin-American culture. It became very clear to me, that anthropology encapsulated my enthusiasm surrounding culture and humanity. Anthropology was an area of study that combined my interests in dance, culture, history and my past experiences, and I began embarking on my journey to learn about cultural anthropology. I started doing research on anthropology, and I wanted to share what I have learned about it and how it connects to my life through this blog. In my blog, I would like to make a difference in how people view the world and provide people with a greater understanding of aspects of cultural anthropology.

Hi! I’m Blythe Bath, and I am a high school student in Houston, Texas. I began this blog with my sister Blair Bath to explore anthropological topics around the world. Just like my sister Blair, I love traveling and immersing myself in new places. I love cooking, and I enjoy trying new flavors from different cultures. My approach to anthropology is to delve into what makes us different in order to appreciate the ties that draw us together. By reading our blog, I hope that you will widen your worldview, think critically about current and past social issues, and take steps to spread a knowledge and appreciation for anthropology in others. Beyond anthropology, I am interested in soccer, reading, and student council.

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