Digital Ethnography

During the Covid-19 Pandemic, anthropologists face immediate limitations on their research. The Covid-19 restrictions mean ethnography is no longer an ethically appropriate research strategy. Furthermore, anthropologists, as social scientists, must remain cognizant of the wellbeing of the groups they are striving to understand. Although ethnographers are used to instability and disruptions in their fieldwork, recentContinue reading “Digital Ethnography”

Anthropology and the Study of Dance

Dance is considered the movement of the body as a way of human expression. Most people regard dance as simply a physical movement, but dance has many underlying values and meanings. Dance is a critical aspect in human cultures socially and artistically. All around the world, dance portrays stories, symbolizes relationships, depicts emotion, and socialContinue reading “Anthropology and the Study of Dance”

Dance and Cultural Diversity

Dance plays a critical role in understanding culture since its very being brings insight and understanding into diverse societies and ways of life. The widespread manifestation of dance around the world is valuable since certain dances can be used to study the cultures it originated from and provide insight into non-western societies. The cultural contextContinue reading “Dance and Cultural Diversity”

The Mechanics of Studying Dance from an Anthropological Viewpoint

Studying dance from an anthropological viewpoint can be very difficult. Observation, interview, and consultations of secondary sources are some methods commonly used by ethnologists. However, dance can be hard to write about since verbal descriptions are limited. Therefore, dance ethnologists have formulated certain symbols and methods that apply to ethnic and artistic dance. These methodsContinue reading “The Mechanics of Studying Dance from an Anthropological Viewpoint”

Why Anthropology Matters in Contemporary Health Research

Ethnographic work can be very valuable in public health and medicine, and anthropological theory is integral in researching and capturing the context of global health issues. There is a need for further communication between anthropologists and health professionals so that public health structures are more aware of core anthropological concerns. The study and analysis ofContinue reading “Why Anthropology Matters in Contemporary Health Research”

The Benefits of Cultural Immersion in Anthropology

Immersion programs can be a great tool for discovering more about other cultures since they broaden one’s perspectives on the diverse values and lifestyles of other cultures. Immersion allows people to step out of their comfort zone and truly experience a different lifestyle by authentically experiencing the language, food, music, and more. Immersion can revealContinue reading “The Benefits of Cultural Immersion in Anthropology”

Anthropological Implications of COVID-19

The COVID-19 pandemic has drastically changed the lives of many including anthropologists. Many anthropologists’ work centers around field work and observation, and with the COVID-19 pandemic ethnographic research can be extremely difficult. Ethnographers have been forced to reevaluate their research and field work strategies. Despite the inability to conduct field work, cultural anthropologists have beenContinue reading “Anthropological Implications of COVID-19”

The Henna Artist By Alka Joshi

This poignant book captures the life of protagonist Lakshmi in Jaipur, India and beautifully depicts cultural elements of India during the 1950s. The reader is brought along the journey of Lakshmi as she tries to escape an abusive marriage and finds herself in a new city with nothing to her name. She eventually, finds herContinue reading “The Henna Artist By Alka Joshi”

What is Anthropology?

Anthropology is the study of humanity. Anthropology examines societies and culture in order to understand the diversity and social existence of humans throughout history. Anthropology focuses on the evolution of behavioral patterns of humans. Anthropology explores the varied nuances of human life from gender, race, religion, rituals, language, hierarchies, and more. Anthropologists take a holisticContinue reading “What is Anthropology?”