Xenophobia against Asian Americans

Xenophobia and racism have long existed throughout human society, but in recent years the increasing documentation of these instances has propelled civil rights issues into the spotlight. Today, I would like to focus this spotlight on the recent deluge of hate crimes against Asian American individuals in the US. While people of Asian decent haveContinue reading “Xenophobia against Asian Americans”

Vaccine Imperialism

Equitable global access to Covid-19 vaccines is a growing issue, with certain countries projected to not receive the vaccine until 2023. Although the progression of research surrounding Covid-19 has been remarkable, the certain biases regarding manufacturing, purchasing, and distributing Covid-19 vaccines have shown detrimental to global needs. According to data, there are substantial concentrations ofContinue reading “Vaccine Imperialism”

Cultural Anthropology in a Digital World

With expanding technology, anthropologists have turned to social media to examine cultural aspects of different countries. Since technology impacts the daily lives of most people, anthropologists have begun to study how digitalization affects what it means to be human. In the global anthropological research project “Why We Post” anthropologists studied the uses and consequences ofContinue reading “Cultural Anthropology in a Digital World”

The Scoop on Cultural Appropriation

There’s an old proverb that says imitation is the highest form of flattery. But is it really? Emulating styles, traditions, clothing, and even hairstyles from other cultures has become popularized in modern times. However, this imitation can cross some serious lines. This is where the term cultural appropriation comes into play. What is cultural appropriation?Continue reading “The Scoop on Cultural Appropriation”

The Dark Side of Chocolate

Like most people, I love the sweet, earthy taste of good chocolate. From chocolate chip pancakes to brownies, I consume chocolate quite often. However, I never considered the sourcing of my chocolate until recently. I always took the nestle semisweet chocolate chip bags on the grocery store shelf for granted and did not think aboutContinue reading “The Dark Side of Chocolate”

Digital Ethnography

During the Covid-19 Pandemic, anthropologists face immediate limitations on their research. The Covid-19 restrictions mean ethnography is no longer an ethically appropriate research strategy. Furthermore, anthropologists, as social scientists, must remain cognizant of the wellbeing of the groups they are striving to understand. Although ethnographers are used to instability and disruptions in their fieldwork, recentContinue reading “Digital Ethnography”

A Look at the Cultural Roots behind Face Coverings Throughout the Ages

In recent times of COVID-19, wearing a face mask is strongly encouraged to prevent the spread of Corona Virus via respiratory droplets. While wearing a mask may simply seem like a forced fashion accessory to some, or a medical staple to others, this seemingly “new” and “modern” item is not the first of its kind.Continue reading “A Look at the Cultural Roots behind Face Coverings Throughout the Ages”

Why Anthropology Matters in Contemporary Health Research

Ethnographic work can be very valuable in public health and medicine, and anthropological theory is integral in researching and capturing the context of global health issues. There is a need for further communication between anthropologists and health professionals so that public health structures are more aware of core anthropological concerns. The study and analysis ofContinue reading “Why Anthropology Matters in Contemporary Health Research”

Anthropological Implications of COVID-19

The COVID-19 pandemic has drastically changed the lives of many including anthropologists. Many anthropologists’ work centers around field work and observation, and with the COVID-19 pandemic ethnographic research can be extremely difficult. Ethnographers have been forced to reevaluate their research and field work strategies. Despite the inability to conduct field work, cultural anthropologists have beenContinue reading “Anthropological Implications of COVID-19”