Five Fascinating Foods around the Globe

Not everyone’s daily meals consist of the usual American subsistence of chicken, vegetables, or pasta. From special holiday-time food to everyday fare, many cultures have very unique and special traditions when it comes to food. In most cases, these bizarre food items have an interesting history, a one-of-a-kind preparation method, or require a distinctive acquiredContinue reading “Five Fascinating Foods around the Globe”

The Dark Side of Chocolate

Like most people, I love the sweet, earthy taste of good chocolate. From chocolate chip pancakes to brownies, I consume chocolate quite often. However, I never considered the sourcing of my chocolate until recently. I always took the nestle semisweet chocolate chip bags on the grocery store shelf for granted and did not think aboutContinue reading “The Dark Side of Chocolate”

Anthropology Through Food

Food is an integral part of anthropology since it is the basis of human existence. It plays an important role in studying humans and advancing anthropological research. Studying food can reveal so much about societies and culture politically, economically, symbolically, socially, and religiously. Food can also explain patterns in human behavior and identity. Anthropologists canContinue reading “Anthropology Through Food”