Anthropology Through Film

Movies and Documentaries are excellent vehicles for studying anthropology, and the use of film to study humanity has greatly increased with the rise in technology. By helping people visualize events, films can provide new perspectives on the culture and lifestyle of people. Contrary to written publications, films tend to be more captivating towards audiences andContinue reading “Anthropology Through Film”

Digital Ethnography

During the Covid-19 Pandemic, anthropologists face immediate limitations on their research. The Covid-19 restrictions mean ethnography is no longer an ethically appropriate research strategy. Furthermore, anthropologists, as social scientists, must remain cognizant of the wellbeing of the groups they are striving to understand. Although ethnographers are used to instability and disruptions in their fieldwork, recentContinue reading “Digital Ethnography”

Anthropology and the Study of Dance

Dance is considered the movement of the body as a way of human expression. Most people regard dance as simply a physical movement, but dance has many underlying values and meanings. Dance is a critical aspect in human cultures socially and artistically. All around the world, dance portrays stories, symbolizes relationships, depicts emotion, and socialContinue reading “Anthropology and the Study of Dance”

What is Anthropology?

Anthropology is the study of humanity. Anthropology examines societies and culture in order to understand the diversity and social existence of humans throughout history. Anthropology focuses on the evolution of behavioral patterns of humans. Anthropology explores the varied nuances of human life from gender, race, religion, rituals, language, hierarchies, and more. Anthropologists take a holisticContinue reading “What is Anthropology?”

Why is Anthropology Important?

Anthropology is integral in understanding the world and can be utilized to promote social justice and reveal what causes injustices and divisions in society. By studying cultural patterns, anthropologists are able to use knowledge of past behaviors to have a better understanding of the beauty of humanity. Anthropology can be applied in countless fields includingContinue reading “Why is Anthropology Important?”

Anthropology Through Food

Food is an integral part of anthropology since it is the basis of human existence. It plays an important role in studying humans and advancing anthropological research. Studying food can reveal so much about societies and culture politically, economically, symbolically, socially, and religiously. Food can also explain patterns in human behavior and identity. Anthropologists canContinue reading “Anthropology Through Food”